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Our Pet Care Services in Kaneohe and, HI are Exceptional

Your pet is important to you and when it comes to the best in pet care, you can rely on Doggone Groomers in Kaneohe. We have over 25 years of experience in Kaneohe. Our Kaneohe location will soon be moving to a larger location. Please check our website frequently or call us for more details.

We Love Your Pet Like You Do

Grooming your pet isn't just about your pets good looks. It's also about your pet's comfort. Some pets shed. Some don't! Grooming can keep your pet comfortable and happy. Whether it's a trim of their coat or a cutting of their nails, grooming can make a great difference in your pet's happiness and health! Our pet care and grooming services in Kaneohe, can keep your pet comfortable year round. And a routine grooming regimen can keep your pet comfortable and in good health at all times!

Pet Health

Your pet's health is important to us. Not only does it protect your pet from discomfort and disease, it can also protect your family from tragedy. That's why we take your pet's health seriously. Our pet care services include grooming, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, nail clipping and pet skincare.

Treat Your Pet Like You Treat Yourself

Ask yourself: Is a good manicure worth it? How about a pedicure? What about a good haircut complete with shampoo and conditioner? Have you treated yourself to these things? If the answer is "no", then WHY NOT? If the answer is "yes", then you know how good it feels. So why should your pet be entitled to any less? After all, they're there for you all day, every day. Well, unless it's a fish. Then you're excused.

But if you have a fur-bearing pet, we're talking to you! Don't let your pet settle for less. After all, aren't they people too? Choose Doggone Groomers for pet care you can trust in Kaneohe.
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