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Our Pet Care Shop Really Cares About Your Pet in Kaneohe, HI

Let's face it. Pets aren't just animals. They're members of your family. They start out as furry little things that become confidants. The best friends that your children will remember for the rest of their lives. Best friends. We get that. Really! That's why we treat your pets like people. Pet careis a big deal to us. More so, we treat them like people that matter. Because we know they matter to you. And in Kaneohe, HI you won't find anyone else who gets that better than we do.

Pet Care That Really Cares

We know that your pet isn't just an animal that lives in your house, but is a member of your family. That's why you take it with you everywhere. The truth is that not everyone knows how to give their pets the best care possible. That's OK! That's why we're here.

Rely on us. We'll partner with you to keep your pet looking great. Whether your pet needs a bath or to have his nails clipped or ears cleaned, Doggone Groomers can handle all of your grooming needs. Pet care isn't just something we do. It's why we're here. When you want the best for your pet in Kaneohe, we're here for you all day, every day.

Furry Friends Are Family Too

Sometimes a pet isn't just a pet: a pet is a customer! We treat our furry patients like people, and that means they get the best and most expert pet care we can provide. You won't find more compassionate care for your furry friend in Kaneohe. Is your pet afraid to go to the groomers? Our staff is patient with scared, difficult and temperamental pets. We have over 25 years of experience of dealing with large and small animals.
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